Dear SAAFoST member,

Plant protein is a meaningful food source of protein that is from plants. Join the SAAFoST webinar for a detailed discussion about the global plant-based protein movement by experts Lisa-Claire Ronquest-Ross and Marisa Munroe on 17 September 2020.

Topic: The Plant-Based Movement - opportunities and challenges for South Africa

Presenter: Lisa-Claire Ronquest-Ross

Lisa is a passionate Food Scientist with extensive local and global experience working in a variety of multinationals from Unilever, Pioneer foods, Mars and Woolworths and across the food FMCG environment (ingredients, flavours, manufacturing and retail). Read more here

Topic: The Plant-Based Movement - movement from a culinary scene and consumer perspective

Presenter: Marisa Munroe

Marisa is a passionate foodie who has been with Woolworths for just over 20 years. Read more here