South African Association
for Food Science and
Technology (SAAAFoST),
together with
MySAAFoST (Student and
young professional
chapter of SAAFoST),
present the 2020 Career

Theme: Food Science,
the future and beyond

10 September 2020

12:00 to 14:00

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Name: Cobus Brink
Position: Group Technical Manager at Famous Brands
Topic: What it takes for a graduate to succeed in the food industry
Name: Dr Metji Makgoba
Position: Communications Lecturer at the University of Limpopo
Topic: Non-verbal Communications: The do's and don'ts during job interviews
Name: Manzi Sishi
Position: MySAAFoST committee member
Topic: Introduction to MySAAFoST: Future leaders of the food industry
Name: Tsetse Baloyi
Position: Communications Officer at SAAFoST
Topic: SAAFoST, your partner in the food profession