Dear SAAFoST Custodian Member,

As Custodian Members, you subscribe to additional principles in promoting and upholding professional standards of competence and integrity in advancing Food Science and related technologies for the provision of safe and wholesome food. It is through your support that SAAFoST can extend its efforts in promoting food professionalism in South Africa.

SAAFoST values your partnership and continued contribution to the food industry. As part of celebrating our partnership and promoting our proud partners, SAAFoST displays logos and web addresses of all our Custodian Members on the SAAFoST website and in FST (Food Science and Technology) magazine. SAAFoST, as a responsible partner, would like to ensure that we use correct and up-to-date partner-branding tools.

With this in mind, we request that you send us your company logo. We further request that you notify us should there be any changes in your company name or logo.

Please send your company logo to Sharon Beeming at Turners by 18 October 2020.

Her contact details are below:

Sharon Beeming

Many thanks

Tsetse Baloyi
SAAFoST Communications Officer