Nomination of a Northern Branch Committee
for the Period 2019 to 2021
Dear SAAFoST Northern Branch Voting Member,

Nomination of a Northern Branch Committee for the Period 2019 to 2021

The term of office of the present Northern Branch Committee is about to expire and a new committee must be elected at the Branch BGM to be held at 18:15 on 23 July at 3M in Woodmead, Johannesburg. The process starts with this circular's call for nominations for the committee by means of a nomination form (click here) and ends with an election at the BGM to determine who the new office bearers will be.

If you, as a SAAFoST voting member, would like to nominate a member or members for a position or positions on the Northern Branch Committee, as set out on the form, please do the following: i) Print out the nomination form referred to above, ii) Fill in the name, in the appropriate block, of the individual nominated, iii) Propose the nomination, iv) Ask another Voting Member to second the nomination, v) Get the candidate chosen to sign in acceptance of the nomination and then, vi) E-mail or fax the completed form to Sharon Beeming at the SAAFoST National Secretariat for delivery by Friday 19 July at the latest or, alternatively, hand it to the Branch Chairman or Secretary before the start of the meeting. Address details are provided on the form. Full details of the nomination procedure, including who may be elected and for which positions, also appear on the nomination form.

In completing the nomination form you will need to know, firstly, whether the individual is a SAAFoST Member and secondly what his/her grade of membership is, namely Professional Member or, Member. This you can do by referring to a list of Voting Members, all of whom, for the purpose of this nomination and election procedure, are either Professional Members or Members, as is clearly indicated on this list: (click here)

Please make a special effort to attend the Branch BGM as this is your chance to vote for a vibrant committee and so influence the running and activities of your branch. A Branch BGM notice with agenda will be circulated to all members in due course, as will an invitation to attend a presentation immediately prior to the BGM. If you are thinking of standing for the committee or nominating someone but are uncertain about what is involved or do not have a proposer /seconder or if you have any other queries, contact any member of the Branch committee for assistance. Click here to view their names.

Yours Sincerely,

Ingrid Woodrow
Branch Chair: 2017- 2019
14 June 2019

Present Northern Branch Committee Members:

Chair: Ingrid Woodrow
Vice Chair: Catherine Chisindi (Novozymes)
Secretary: Silnia Badenhorst (Massmart)
Treasurer: Prof Naushad Emmambux (UP)
Immediate Past Chair: Denise Metcalfe
Nicola Brook (Foodpath)
Lorraine Geel (Consumers in Focus)
Deon Gallus (Deltamune)
Dr Oluwafemi Adebo (UJ)
Wendy Beneke (Sensient)
Lauren White (Pick 'n Pay)
Kelly Hargrave (Sunspray)