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Election of a President-Elect and a Vice-President for the Period 2019 - 2021

Nominations for the positions of President-Elect and Vice-President of the Association closed on 26th July 2019. Three nominations were received for President-Elect and two nominations were received for Vice-President.

The nominations for the position of President-Elect are:

Prof. Elna Buys. University of Pretoria
Prof. Ryk Lues. Central University of Technology
Ms. Anza Bester. Merieux NutriSciences

Nominations for the position of Vice-President are:

Prof. Riėtte de Kock. University of Pretoria
Ms. Madelein Jansen. Kerry Ingredients

A ballot is being held to determine;

1. who will be elected to the position of President Elect for the period 2019- 2021 followed by the position of President for the period 2021 -2023 and
2. who will be elected Vice President of the Association for the period 2019 to 2021

You, and all SAAFoST Voting Members in good standing are being requested to participate in this ballot as per the guidelines below.

The outcome of the ballot will be announced during the National BGM of the Association which will be held on Monday 2 September in the OR Tambo Auditorium of the Birchwood Hotel & OR Tambo Conference Centre in Boksburg.
A notice of this BGM will be circulated to all SAAFoST Members in due course.

Brief CV's of the above candidates appear below this circular together with the names of their proposers and seconders.

Voting Procedure:
In order to cast your vote, click on the link at the end of this paragraph but first make a note of your personalised membership voting number above highlighted in red beneath your name. The link will take you to a Ballot Secure window into which you must enter the following password: vpvote2019. This will take you to the Ballot page where you can select the candidate of your choice, add your personalised voting number and press the vote button. You will then be thanked for casting your vote and advised that it will not be possible to vote again. Duplicate or invalid votes will not be accepted by the computer. The voting process starts here: CLICK

Non Website Options
Any Voting Member unable to vote via the website may copy the Ballot Page page on the site, or request one from Sharon Beeming at the SAAFoST Secretariat (Tel: 031-368 8000), and complete it by filling in the membership number in the box provided, circling a single candidate in each category and faxing the form, marked "BALLOT" Attention Sharon to: 086 664 4764. Alternatively, but not advised, it may be posted in an envelope marked, "BALLOT" to the SAAFoST Secretariat, for Attention Sharon Beeming, PO Box 4507, Durban. 4000. To reach her not later than Friday 30 August 2019.

Vote Counting
Electronic, faxed and postal votes will be counted by Turners Conferences, the National Secretariat in Durban. No SAAFoST Member is involved in the ballot receiving or counting process and none will have access to the ballot system, consequently, no vote can be traced by any member of the Association.

Ballot Deadline
All electronic and mailed votes must be received by the National Secretariat by the end of the working day of Friday, 30 August 2019 at the latest.

The outcome of the ballot will be announced at the BGM and all SAAFoST members will be informed by means of e-mail.

Please Vote!
As a SAAFoST Voting Member, you are strongly urged to participate in the important process of electing a President-Elect and Vice-President of the Association to serve for the next two years. Thanking you for your time, interest and participation.

Yours sincerely,

Gill Slaughter
SAAFoST National Secretary
9 August 2019

Curricula Vitae
Candidates for Presidents:
1. Prof. Elna Buys (CV)
2. Prof. Ryk Lues (CV)
3. Ms. Anza Bester (CV)

Candidates for Vice Presidents
1. Prof. Riėtte de Kock (CV)
2. Madelein Jansen (CV)